Data Location – Spaces & Hearts open up with Beacon-Tec

B. Braun Melsungen AG

The aim was to enhance the „Joy of Biz Gatherings“ and „New Ways of Collaboration“. From annual meetings, balancing conferences to management events, so far characterized by linear procedures, we have created an exciting contextual interactive format.

Modular Event Components
Contextual Event Interactions
Users / Managers

App & Interaction Welcome

A sequence analysis formed the basis for every new event compilation. Participants‘ requirements were defined by means of personas and their touch points as well as relevant user journeys. Ahead of every conference the beacon behaviour and user experience of every interaction were sampled — target group and top management.

Contextual Event Interaction

Verified high user experience – the index of happiness of event participants was by an average of 32% higher than the previous year. Sustainable development concept – multiple usage applications of modal components. Orchestrated contextual event interaction – from seat finder to real time voting. Efficient and effective implementation – 2 days for the compilation of an individual event app at B. Braun.

„For good ideas and true innovation, you need Human Interaction…“

– Margaret Heffernan