Interactive B2B Microlearning-Format

Siemens HMI Design Masterclass

More and more engineers prefer a user-friendly HMI. But since the 
design of a user-centric HMI is not a core competence of many engineers 
a good UX can be a challenge. This is where the HMI Design Masterclass comes in: 7 tutorials explain what a good UX is all about and how to create 
a user-friendly HMI.

Tips per Unit
Tips & Tricks

Siemens HMI Design Masterclass

Check out what makes great HMI Design and how you and your customer can benefit!

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Service Design Approach

This isn’t “just a video tutorial” – it’s a bold move to change the world of HMI, to change daily life and work in factories around the globe – based on a microlearning-approach. At its core, the HMI Design Masterclass provides 
7 units each by 10 minutes of compact design tips and guidelines, from designers for engineers – overall 42 UX-Tips.

“HMI-Sushi-Design-Tips & Tricks”

On the point: the HMI is touchpoint, tangible interaction and therefore the human relevant quality dimension to your product and service processes and values. Human machine interfaces have to offer positive UX design to the user – by efficiency, safety and the joy of daily use, serving customer satisfaction + time savings and cost reduction.

…download practical working templates after every unit, e.g. personas, use-case canvases and more.

…exactly 10 minutes of your time for each unit – every two weeks.

…more and surprising working material for further insights & design deep dives, after unit 7.

»Let´s create better HMIs and 4.0 Interfaces together for happy users & higher productivity.«

Co-Creation: It works.

The success of the Masterclass shows that a combination of the best aspects of content marketing, microlearning & storytelling work together to deliver a high-quality, digitally and analogously interacting UX-education-product in content, format and communication which achieves high user acceptance with success.

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