Living Service Architecture

werk_39 powered by B. Braun

What is werk_39? We developed an agile, start-up-like infrastructure, methodology and the spirit of innovation for the medical valley. Discover 
a world in which users and customers join hands to create services, solutions, and business models to better fit their needs.

Ideation Walls
qm Creative Space

Creating Service Design for Innovation Architecture

It’s about a tangible strategy formed as service culture – it’s about people who wrk and cocreate in a living brand space. werk_39 is the new co-innovation lab of the med-tech company Aesculap AG with a holistic brand and service architecture because context and collaboration are king and queen of productive foresight results.

Creative Space Architecture

Werk_39 reflects the context of the historic factory architecture and combines tradition with modernity to generate an authentic and remarkable identity. To initiate a creative working culture with a start-up-like infrastructure we developed the whole wrk_space interior design as well as a methodology together with the people.

3 Workshop Areas
b Modulor and flexible space concept 
for 7 contexts of usage

13 Office Rooms
For Startups and accelerator teams

3 Level Signage & Orientation
From basement to innovation floor