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We are experts in creating digital products and bringing innovative ideas to live. Our concept: strategic planning and product / service implementation from one source. We are digital transformation architects and design craftsmen, strategic planners and pragmatic makers, innovation consultants and UX-design pioneers –

In short: We are thinkers and makers.



Have you really asked the right questions to frame your problem? Have you discovered the real problem? Do you have a problem at all? –

We are your “Advocatus Diaboli” and help you to discover the right starting point for your project before you are going to search for the right answer asking the wrong questions. We think outside the box, challenge your best ideas and ask the uncomfortable questions. Our consulting experts help you to identify savings potential and scaling factors for your business by always keeping the relevant design factors in mind.


Nulla Dies Sine Idea – For us design is more than just a layer on top of your screen or the packaging of your product. Our design approach is holistic, human centered and based on a deep understanding of user behaviors and needs.

At chilli mind a design project starts with the design of the project itself because every project is different and has individual conditions. We analyze and co-create, evaluate and iterate, create a lot of drafts and throw even more of them away, just to find the best working solution that combines high functionality with a delightful experience for the user.


For sure, we can make your product look great. But a weak product with a nice design is still a nice looking weak product. That is why we normally go unexpected ways to design great digital products.

Design is our passion because we do what we love and love what we do. We are mind-workers – Our brains are the most powerful tool we have and we work with them every day like craftsmen do. If you have a well developed concept first, it is not that difficult to setup a design framework.

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Sushi Communication – written for the Trashcan

Why you should cut your content by half to double significance

Nowadays information is readily available at any time and any place. In the train, in the hotel bed or under the meeting table. Ok, cool. But in most cases this information was written by experts on the topic itself and not by experts of communication. The result: Content that was produced to be published in a book or a science publication is now available on smartphones or tablets.

However you only have max. 5 seconds of perception time to get your users‘ attention. These 5 seconds have to be straightforward in their design. Otherwise the rest of your content was written for the trashcan.

Congrats, you are reading this text now for more than just 5 seconds – You have now reached the next level of cognitive user logic. The user has made his decision to continue reading and now we have 30-60 more seconds time to present him the most relevant content in an informative style like a short essay or bullet points.

Now we have reached the last level. And you still keep on reading. Great! In the last level you can dive more into depth and show more detailed information like technical details. To create a better user experience, we cut down the whole content by half and filter most relevant information to double significance. The cut-half-effect is enormous: you improve the performance of your system or website and saving translation and maintenance costs at the factor 10 and more.

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7 Greek Gods for creating legendary Innovation

Source: Oliver Gerstheimer, Helsinki / Kassel, 2006 und 2014

…Advanced design thinking to solve our customers‘ problems and we develop new ideas consequently from the user’s perspective.

…in our digital co-innovation labs to collaborate with customers in a creative environment.

…in cooperation with our customers to collectively develop the best solutions for them.


Architecture – orchestrating portfolios & content

Less is more – offer solutions. The circle of organized happiness.

1/2 Content

Reduce website content by 50% of its former volume while increasing its meaningfulness

IA & Navigation

Structure content according to user-oriented design principles, improve information access

Digital Hub

Create a content pool with ready-to-use content, distribute and recycle / translate


Augment essential website information by adding semi-info-semi-emotional stories

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