Sartorius AG

New Corporate Web Architecture & Brand System

Sartorius is a trusted partner for the Biopharmaceutical Industry 
and Laboratories all over the world – now with a completely new global website, based on the latest technology and build by best-practice 
website design principles:

• Human Centered Design Approach
• Co-Creation & Ideation Workshops
• Personas, User Stories & Journeys
• Corporate User Experience

Co-Creation Workshops
Removed Pages
Top Use Cases

User Centric Information Architecture & Content Strategy

Before even thinking about a new design of the website – there is the 
analysis and conception part which is a key factor for the success.

Our information architects analyzed the existing website structure 
into 184m of printed system trees – until the very last level and over 
200,000 pages – to indentify optimization potential to create an user 
centered information architecture and content strategy based on 
reducing and combining existing content.

Based on our analytic findings we redefined the information architecture regarding aspects of navigation logic in 12 Co-Creation Workshops with stakeholders of all relevant business divisions: The result is a totally new website experience beyond contemporary interface design.

Content needs to be cut and re-organized 
to fewer levels: Longer stays through efficient and effective information

Lead generating structures need 
much more focus: Optimized contact forms, feedback structures, quotes, gated content, etc.

Service needs to be a key element: 
Fully integrated service on all levels + Quick access to searched and required information.

Corporate User Experience

We defined & co-created rules for standardized interaction behaviors – representing the character of Sartorius. By corporate usability we harmonized the look and behavior for 
all interaction touchpoints, like clear link indications through all pages and formulars. 
For a better customer experience.

Character Heads

• Fulfil user expectations
• Give orientation / corporate UX
• Intelligent search logics

Standardized Modules

• Standardized Web patterns
• Reduce time and resources
• scalable and sustainable

Smart Ideas

• Cross linking to related topics
• Lead sprinkling + Call to Action
• Separation of Content Levels

It is fun to have such professional partners. It gives everyone enormous pleasure to rock the website theme with you!

– Lars Hanf, Director Marketing Communications, Sartorius

Co-Creation: It works.

We believe in the power of co-creation; to integrate the stakeholder of Sartorius in the concept- & design process of the new global website. This method – also called co-design, participatory design or generative method – is based on the principle of equal partnership between future user and agency.

The stakeholder is not just acting as a passive informant, but as an active creator – so the Sartorianer could form their website according to their preferences and needs which creates digital value for both sites: company + customer.

Co-Creation & Workshop Culture