Cross Sector Portal Platform

SMA Solar Technology AG

ennexOS is an IoT-cloud-software and user-specific portal-platform for integrated energy management in which all data from the relevant energy-sectors centrally converge. It is a UX-tool that supports the entire value chain for sustainable, future-oriented products and services in the energy industry.

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Agile Prototype 

UX Testings
Focus Group Iterations

Energy Made Simple

Scalable for all Energy Systems and Needs

Watch how energy changes

The UI & UX Orchestration 
of 4 Portals in One

For commercial & private energy consumers

As the world’s first cross-sector-software orchestration covered in a “One-Stop-UI-Framework” for commercial and private energy consumers, it optimizes energy management of photovoltaics, battery storage, heat pumps, boilers and combined heat and power plants to a highly sustainable management solution.

Get the most out of energy

The focus was on an optimal operating logic and interaction of 4 portal views for a holistic coverage of energy flows, the mapping of intelligent forecasting methods, and the selection of individual tariff models. The system’s real-time metrics were visually concentrated efficiently to manage consumer energy costs effectively.

New navigation gives excellent overview on complex systems

Through the navigation, the platform offers clear and fast user-flows through all system hierarchies such as portfolio, plant groups, plants, units and devices. Efficient analysis dashboards and UX-monitoring functions as well as customized modules make ennexOS the leading energy management system of the future.